Iconable Faceplates

Iconable Faceplates

Fit all types of keystone jacks. Multiport options help to accommodate a variety of network configurations. Each faceplate has a slot to facilitate the insertion of icons for easy identification and organization. Design incorporates caps for covering the screws, blend-ing the faceplates into the background for a nicely finished and professionally installed look. Include two stainless steel screws. Available in White.

** = (01) 1 Port
** = (02) 2 Ports
** = (04) 4 Ports
** = (06) 6 Ports


Part Number / Código del Producto: AW160NXT01-06

Availability: In stock

Product Name SKU
Iconable Faceplates 1 Port AW160NXT01
Iconable Faceplates 2 Ports AW160NXT02
Iconable Faceplates 4 Ports AW160NXT04
Iconable Faceplates 6 Ports AW160NXT06
Iconable Faceplates

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