Video/RG-6 Adaptor Keystone

Video/RG-6 Adaptor Keystone

The Nexxt Solutions adaptor is widely used in the video system industry for its superior insertion loss performance. Our adaptor is a F-type keystone insert with a coaxial coupler, designed for RG-6 cables.

The physical characteristics of all our connectors allow installers to create customized sound systems that meet low-loss signal and high fidelity standards, thus offering a convenient solution for use in field design.

Each adaptor is mounted in a keystone jack frame. These keystone insert connectors can be installed into any surface box, rack-mounted modular patch panel, and also into a standard faceplate.


  • F type (RG-6)
  • Keystone frame

Part Number / Código del Producto: PNAKJFTWH

Video/RG-6 Adaptor Keystone

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