NexxtGate Access Point


The 2.4 GHz NexxtGate High Power Access Point is a dedicated Wireless Internet Service Provider Customer-Premises Equipment (WISP CPE) device, providing the functions of a Wireless Access Point (WAP), WISP Client, and a high-gain antenna in one weatherproof device designed for outdoor use. The high power configuration extends the transmission range and delivers a more reliable wireless connection. It also features a web-based management utility for easy configuration and hassle-free network connection. Convenient power, LAN and signal strength LED indicators allow users to monitor the status of the network at all times.

  • The access point serves as the connection point between wireless and wired networks or as the center point of a stand-alone wireless network
  • High output power for extended range and reliability
  • 12 dBi, dual-polarized antenna easily builds up to 9.3-mile wireless link
  • Strong 24 dBm output power rating
  • Easy to set up and manage with PPoE option
  • Ping Watch Dog feature automatically reboots device when necessary
  • Controlled access and WEP, WPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption methods ensure data integrity and privacy
  • 3 year full warranty, with a 2 year extension with online registration

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