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SmartWi-Fi home security Starter kit





Instant motion detection



Activity tracking with alarm activation



Siren wall plug design



1-year battery life





A do-it-yourself security solution for the smart home

Nexxt Solutions introduces its new Smart Home Automation Series. Designed to suit your mobile lifestyle while building a safe environment inside and out of your home, the brand seamlessly unifies into one user-friendly application a comprehensive line of fully integrated devices. From smart plugs, power strips, bulbs and cameras to security kits, you can now take control and run your home devices, on your own schedule even when you are not home.

Our Smart starter kit is the easiest way to enhance your smart home security system. Featuring one motion sensor and two contact sensors, this kit is designed to remotely monitor all the activity around your home by wirelessly communicating with your Nexxt siren (included). Instant notifications will be sent to your mobile device every time motion is detected, or when a door or window is opened or closed. Portable and easily removable, the sensors can also be attached to any other location that needs an extra layer of protection. They work perfectly on knife drawers, sheds, medicine cabinets, hallways and more.

  • Siren with night light can support over 106 sensors
  • Plugs directly into a wall outlet
  • Motion and contact sensors let you discreetly keep track of all the activity in your home or office
  • Around-the-clock protection - get instant alerts when doors or windows are opened, or motion is detected
  • Quick and easy to setup - wireless sensors can be mounted in any location with the double-sided adhesive tape
  • Motion detection of up to 26 feet
  • Control each device independently
  • Portable/removable and easily expandable to fit houses or offices of any size

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