Surge Protector for Video Coaxial Line


Surge Protection

Protect sensative surveillance equipment from electrostatic discharges

Grounding Cable

Safely allows for the transmission line to be grounded

BNC / RG59

Miniature quick connect and disconnect connector for coaxial cable

CCTV application

To be used for CCTV and surveillance applications

The NSA-SP5V1CH-V from Nexxt Solutions is a single channel coaxial video surge protector used in CCTV applications to help protect sensitive and mission critical surveillance equipment from damage due to potential overvoltage and electrostatic discharges on the transmission line. In order to properly safeguard devices such as cameras, DVRs, multiplexers or any coaxial video line, it is recommended to use two surge protectors per channel. It features multilevel protection, large flow capacity and low insertion loss along with a quick reaction line.


  • BNC connections
  • Nominal voltage of 5VDC
  • Multi-Level protection
  • Low insertion loss
  • Quick reaction time
  • Large flow capacity
  • Grounding cable
  • Aluminum housing
  • Recommended 2 units per camera
  • One-year warranty

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