Box Camera Varficocal Lens 3-8mm, de 1,3MP

MPN: NSA-LA3080-13M

Varifocal Lens

3-8mm varifocal lens

All Metal

Metal housing and threads


Wide angle

Auto iris control

Auto Iris Control DC operated automatically 


HD resolution of 1.3MP


F1.4 aperture ratio

Nexxt Solutions introduces the NSA-LA3080-13M from the family of CCTV video lenses for box cameras. This 3-8mm varifocal lens has a maximum resolution of 1.3MP, and can be easily integrated with standard 1/3-inch box cameras with a CS mount type. These lenses are made of exceptional materials, including a full-metal casing and threads. This characteristic is superior over lenses with plastic bodies and threads as they tend to easily strip, break, and become stuck on the camera. This lens is directly powered from the box camera, permitting the auto iris feature to maintain the optimal level of lighting for the image sensor in order to generate a sharp and vivid image.

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