Audio Surveillance Microphone RCA 12V


Surveillance Microphone

Discrete hidden design to be integrated with cameras


Requires the use of a 12VDC power source

RCA connector

Ideal for integrating CCTV with RCA equipment

CCTV application

To be used for CCTV and surveillance applications

Nexxt Solutions NSA-MP12VAC is an audio surveillance grade microphone to be integrated into any CCTV or security system with an audio input. This is the ideal solution for any surveillance camera that does not already come with built-in audio. The discrete and compact design of this microphone allows it to be used in various areas for hidden audio monitoring, such as schools, hospitals, banks, prisons, factories or any location of potential interest.

A standard siamese power and data BNC cable along with an RCA to BNC connector can be used to easily run audio and power back to a centralized location where the DVR or control units are located.

Part Number / Código del Producto: NSA-MP12VAC


  • Surveillance grade microphone
  • For CCTV control units with audio input
  • Small, discrete hidden design
  • RCA and power female outputs
  • 1000m transmission distance
  • Omnidirectional
  • 12VDC input required

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