POE Passive Patch Panel - 48VDC 160W w/Pwr Supply - 16 Ports



Our Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) patch panel is a passive device used to supply power via UTP cables to terminal devices equipped with PoE ports. 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX networks use only two of the four pairs in the twisted-pair cable, located on pins 1 plus 2 and 3 plus 6. The PoE panel injects supply voltage to the 4 plus 5 (+) and 7 plus 8 (-) pins/wires.

The front panel has two rows of RJ-45 ports. The ports marked with numbers on a white background (Data) are standard Ethernet ports (inputs), those with a yellow background (Power+Data) are PoE ports for connecting terminal PoE devices (outputs).

  • Units in box: 15

The maximum distance range of supplying PoE devices is 328ft. The actual range depends on the number of connected devices and their power consumption. The transmission range is also limited by the distances from active devices (switches, routers etc.) to the data ports of the device. The recommended transmission medium is twisted-pair cable Cat 5e or higher. Our PoE patch panel can supply power up to 16 PoE devices.

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