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Nexxt Solutions is ready for what’s next. Are you?

Nexxt offers a complete line of Smart products and Advanced Wi-Fi Mesh systems, designed for creating a fully connected, cloud- based ecosystem of IoT devices.  


Nexxt Match

If your thing is to be connected, here you will find your perfect match


Mesh Wi-Fi

Designed to suit your wireless lifestyle...

IoT for the Future

We are living in a digitalized world that is full of technological advancements. One of these technological advancements is Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is a network of connected devices such as sensors, electronic equipment, cameras, and many more that are programmed in such a way that IoT automates them. This technology is becoming ever present wherever we go. Whether we are at work, at a mall, a hospital, a university, a stadium or even at home.


Smart Actions for an Intelligent Home

An intelligent home learns and works around you, observing your lifestyle, which rooms you spend the most time in and how you use heating and lighting. Multimedia and household appliances interact and can be controlled remotely. In an intelligent home, devices use data, analytics, and sensors to work automatically around your habits.


Smart Wi-Fi, the First Step to a Smart Home

Internet powers the smart home and without a strong, fast, and reliable Wi-Fi network you can’t enjoy the convenience of smart devices in your home. In order to save yourself time and trouble, you need to prepare your home before bringing the smart home tech.


Smart Home. Smart living

Bringing innovative Home Automation and Security Solutions to the Latin American and North American markets. Nexxt Solutions recently launched its new Smart Home Automation Series during the “Microsoft Inspire event” this year. Designed to suit the mobile lifestyle of this generation while building a safe environment inside and out of their homes, the brand seamlessly unifies into one user-friendly application a comprehensive line of fully-integrated IoT devices.


Voice recognition: the newest interface for the smart home

One of the most fascinating advancements in home automation is the growing integration of voice assistants with all kinds of intelligent devices. After all, who doesn’t want to turn off the lights or start brewing coffee with a single voice command? Well, that’s possible.

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Enhance your gaming experience with Home Automation

Home automation might seem an unlikely topic when it comes to boosting the gaming experience of video players. But what can’t be more distracting than having to get up during the middle of an intense competition to answer the door, turn on the lights, or adjust the temperature?


What is cloud storage?

If you like keeping up to date with new technologies, you may have probably wondered what is cloud storage and what can it be used for? As you may expect, there is no easy way to explain this promising technology, as the definition constantly evolves like the software’s configuration.


Access management of cloud-connected devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) has arrived, and it’s bound to shape our lives forever. So, let’s put facts into perspective. IoT refers to the ability of everyday objects (things) to connect to the internet, and to send and receive data. This technology includes plugs, cameras, bulbs, home security, and industrial control systems. It is estimated that the total number of connected devices reached 8.4 billion in 2017, and by 2020, this figure is projected to hit the 20 million mark.

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