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Finally, Wi-Fi every corner

your home or office

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The mesh system

Discover the Vektor, the mesh system that puts an end to dead zones. How?

Streamlined connections: Its ONE network configuration keeps you and your device connected to the strongest signal, without lag or interence.

Streaming and downloading at top speeds for all your devices, 

Ultra-fast, realiable and secure wireless signal is always within reach:
from room to room,wall to wall, floor to floor.

And you DON'T HAVE to constantly reconnect!


A smarter way to Wi- Fi, really!

Unlike traditional routers and extenders, a mesh network creates a SINGLE network by wirelessly connecting multiple nodes.

The modular mesh design allows the nodes to be placed in any home, no matter its size or layout

Simple, scalable, robust

The smart nodes intelligently choose the shortest and fastest route, far beyond the reach of your standard router or extender.

Tradicional Router vs Modular mesh system

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Need to expand your coverage area?

The Vektor allows the interconnection of up to 9 nodes, so the signal can travel from your front door to the back yard, without slowing down or degrading your network coverage.

A self-healing network capable of delivering a seamless and reliable connection

Watch movies, play games or simply live/ share life, uninterrupted If one of the nodes loses connection, the remaining units will continue transmitting the signal with the same intensity and speed.



Easy network management

Manage your connected devices via a single application

Super easy and quick setup The Nexxt app provides ultimate control

and access to your wireless network

With the APP you can…

  • Network monitoring from anywhere in the world
  • Check your network speed
  • Activate content filtering
  • Set parental controls
  • Grant guest access
  • and much more...
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Are you ready for one seamless network for you and your family?

Make the Vektor the HUB of your network