Enhance your gaming experience

Enhance your gaming experience

Home automation might seem an unlikely topic when it comes to boosting the gaming experience of video players. But what can’t be more distracting than having to get up during the middle of an intense competition to answer the door, turn on the lights, or adjust the temperature?

Well, think again. Home automation allows video gamers to focus on what they love from the comfort of the chair. Here are some distractions gamers frequently face, which can be avoided with some simple Home Automation solutions.

 Smart power

Smart plugs and power strips are the easiest way to make your current electronics smart. Simply plug them into any AC outlet and connect them to your existing wireless network, no hub required. Remotely turn your lights and appliances on and off from anywhere using the app. The voice activation feature makes them compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for hands-free management of all linked devices.  Gamers can take their gaming experience to the next level by being able to check real-time status of any appliance at any time, save money by running their homes on their own schedule, and set multiple timers independently for each device they wish power up, power down or recharge!


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