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Voice recognition

The newest interface for the smart home

One of the most fascinating advancements in home automation is the growing integration of voice assistants with all kinds of intelligent devices. After all, who doesn’t want to turn off the lights or start brewing coffee with a single voice command? Well, that’s possible.

Smart speakers that come enabled with voice assistant have the ability to control and interact with just about any appliance and device in your smart home, hands-free. Ever since voice activation  entered the market, such technology has become increasingly central to our day-to-day lives, as more and more users opt for mobile devices instead of desktop computers.

 The voice-activated virtual butler is currently being dominated by Google, Siri and Alexa.

Using an intelligent system is no longer just about asking Google Assistant, for instance, to tell you the weather or play the latest hit song -- now, you can schedule mealtimes for your pet or even have your floors vacuumed while relaxing on the beach or running errands around town.

So, now you would ask, why using voice-activated devices in the first place?

Simply put --smart technology is the ultimate in convenient living, a must-have feature that allows users to control just about everything inside their homes.

From lights, alarm systems, locks, kitchen appliances, blinds, feeders, vacuum cleaners, thermostats to smoke and gas leak detectors. And with the possibilities continually expanding, more choices will be making their way into the home automation ecosystem.

And Nexxt Solutions is already answering to this trend by offering a versatile line of smart devices fully integrated under one app, which is completely customizable and operates on a cloud-based platform driven by Microsoft Azure. 

We invite you to visit us at to discover what Nexxt Solutions Automation can do for your Home. 

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