What are the advantages of PoE technology?

What are the advantages of PoE technology?


The innovative (Power over Ethernet) technology that delivers power to a network device over the same cable used for the LAN connection has a great advantage at a very competitive cost over the benefit of only supplying electricity to remote network devices or equipment on a separate line (wireless access points, IP phones, access controls, POS terminals, LED lighting, security and video surveillance equipment, to name a few).

The purpose of this technology is to end the need for AC/DC power supplies and outlets in places where the remote devices to be powered are located, reducing as a result electrical infrastructure costs required to energize such equipment or for future network expansion, as opposed to the cost and hassle of having to add new electrical wiring in your installation. This  also allows the deployment of devices to locations where it would be otherwise inconvenient to run wires, like in false ceilings, for example.    

Since PoE delivers data and power over a single cable, this technology helps you save money by reducing the amount of cables and the connections needed in the equipment or communications room.

Being aware of the many benefits of the PoE technology and of the significant growth of this market, we guarantee that our entire portfolio in the categories we currently commercialize meet the IEE802.3af (referred to as “type 1”) and the IEE802.3at standard (referred to as “type 2”) for PoE applications.